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About Honolulu Piercing company


Honolulu Piercing Company is the only shop on Oahu specializing in precision piercing with high quality jewelry. We also carry the largest selection of high quality body jewelry in all of Hawaii. We pride ourselves in knowing that every customer leaves happy and with the knowledge they need to take care of their piercing and jewelry for life.

We coexist and operate out of the oldest family owned shop on the island, Skin Deep Tattoo Waikiki. Skin Deep Tattoo Waikiki has been open since 1979 and is still owned by its beautiful creator Nonie Martin.

In addition to our first class jewelry and service, we are the only body piercing studio on the island that meets all the necessary criteria of the APP. Our facility is up to the standards of APP guidelines and all piercing staff are APP members.

Skin Deep Tattoo Waikiki Safe Piercing



The Association of Professional Piercers is a California based, international non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of vital health & safety information about body piercing to piercers, health care providers, legislators, and the general public.

What We Offer

We perform esthetically pleasing piercings, in a sterile environment, with the best jewelry. Our piercing jewelry is made of the best materials offered, polished to a mirror finish, and guaranteed for life. Our jewelry stock is ever growing, we receive new inventory weekly. We're always updating our store, so you can always look forward to seeing new items.

We offer special orders and shipping worldwide as well. If you would like a custom piece designed for you, just make your request. We can create any stone combination you'd like with any of the existing pieces on our website. We can also create any piece your mind can fathom. Just send us a message with what your trying to create and we will do everything in our power to make it happen.

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